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218 pages
240 X 320 mm
5.000 copies printed
English texts

Cover A: Metal as Soft as Skin by Gaïa Lamarre
Cover B: trbDREAM by Annie Forrest


Where does the time go?

We put turbo chargers in our cars to achieve the instant gratification of speed on command.
But there’s a ripple between the moment we slam the throttle and the result we desire is achieved.
The light turns green, the flag drops, the sirens flash.
So we hit the gas, hang on for dear life and expect the best.

It takes a second to kick in.

And in this chasm of unexpected, unwanted time, our psyche reveals itself in ways we may never discover if not for the Turbo Lag. In Garagisme 8 we’ll dwell on a spectrum of feelings from anti-climactic illusion and delayed satisfaction to unrestricted potential and blind optimism — passing through our minds at hyper speed in this sliver of suspended time. By examining the negative space between smashing the pedal and the glorious whiplash we seek, Turbo Lag offers us a chance to unpack the relationship between our wants, ours needs, and reality — expressed through the mechanics of a turbocharger.

Contributors: Omar Almufti, Bráulio Amado, Serwah Attafuah, Cécilia Azcarate, Liz Barclay, Jackson Bowley, Stig De Block, Pierre De Monès, Roxane Diamand, Annie Forrest, Gourau & Phong, Alexis Gross, Justin Hunt-Sloane, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Betsy Johnson, M¥SS KETA, Gaïa Lamarre, Natalie Liu, Lynski, Hélène Mastrandréas, Yego Moravia, Jaime Muñoz, Lucka Ngô, Robin Plus, Matthew Porter, Jacob Rochester, Michael Salu, Tristan Savoy, Élodie Tacnet, Leon Xu…